the poems i love — two by tobi alfier (formally cogswell)

Erected by James MacDonald, Loving Husband  Come sit here beside me skin lit, a candle on alabaster, small gold rings draw my eyes to your neck your pulse beating, hands still. It has always been like the first time. The first kiss, first lovemaking, first child. The children. Your smile never died, even as we … More the poems i love — two by tobi alfier (formally cogswell)

in case you were wondering

This Tuesday, I’m participating along with several other poets, in a reading called “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner,” which involves poems/poets that have won awards from the St. Louis Poetry Center in the past. I was lucky enough to win the 2013 Stanley Hanks Memorial Prize from the Center. Still one of the cooler things to … More in case you were wondering

in a missouri field

One of the things I really like about Netflix’s Stranger Things is the idea of the upside down, a darker, stranger version of our universe. I like the idea that there are infinite landscapes behind and beneath the landscapes we can see. Whole bizarro worlds that exist in the realm of imagined impossibility. I’ve always toyed with dramatic … More in a missouri field

coming soon . . .

the museum of americana, the online literary journal I founded in 2012, is currently working with contributors to set up a series of readings around the country. Hope you’ll stop by if there’s a reading in your area. For more information about the museum, visit: