Justin Hamm on the American Midwest @ TEDxOshskosh

Originally from the flatlands of central Illinois, Justin Hamm now lives near Twain territory in Missouri. He is the founding editor of the museum of americana and the author of three collections of poetry, The Inheritance, American Ephemeral, and Lessons in Ruin, and a book of photographs entitled Midwestern. His poems, stories, photos, and reviews have appeared in Nimrod, The Midwest Quarterly, Sugar House Review,  Pittsburgh Poetry Review, and a host of other publications. Recent work has also been selected for New Poetry from the Midwest  (2014, New American Press) and the Stanley Hanks Memorial Poetry Prize from the St. Louis Poetry Center.

Justin’s poetry/photography show Midwestern has traveled the Midwest region, appearing in a number of galleries over the last two years. In 2019, his poem “Goodbye, Sancho Panza” was studied by approximately 50,000 students worldwide as a part of the World Scholar’s Cup curriculum.

Email: justinhamm2002@yahoo.com